A Practitioner’s Journey

In our work as coaches and consultants we are often invited into new and unfamiliar places where people may seem to talk different languages and possess unfamiliar customs and practices. In many ways, this can be likened to being a stranger in a new land with all the feelings of bewilderment and excitement borne of unfamiliarity and newness.

What is it that we, as ‘strangers’, bring to a new environment? What qualities and resources do we draw upon as we seek to understand this new place and to establish new relationships with people in a way that will lead to productive outcomes? What is there in the experience of being a ‘stranger’ that helps us find something unique in the familiar, to appreciate the qualities of difference, and to remain fully present as we seek to navigate this journey successfully?

In this 5-day workshop, Wick van de Vaart and Mark Lough are inviting you to engage your spirit of curiosity in a shared-learning experience designed to appreciate more fully what you offer as a practitioner and to explore what can enrich your capacity to work creatively and effectively, even in the midst of complexity and uncertainty.

Upcoming workshops:

March 14th, 09.00 and March 18th, 17.00, 2016

in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, WG-plein 255, a place near the city centre and Vondelpark.

The cost to attend the workshop is euro 1295 per person, plus 21% VAT; when an organisation is paying for it, it will be euro 1495 per person, plus 21% VAT.

This will include the programme fee, all lunches and snacks, drinks on Thursday evening and a dinner on Friday.

In August this workshop will take place in Les Chabannes, France. If you want to combine being in a beautiful and peaceful environment while attending this workshop, please contact us at instituut@instituutvoorinterventiekunde.nl for more information.


There is a limited number of 10 places on this programme so we encourage you to book early to ensure that you are one of them!

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