Postmaster Course: Intervention Studies

A two year course for junior interventionists who work as trainers and consultants and have 0 to 5 years of experience. This course bridges the academic theory and the practice of training, coaching and consulting.

The postmaster course for intervention studies consists of 54 days of training and a set of theoretical and practical assignments. Each month there are two days of training. Besides that, participants prepare a number of specific assignments.

This course is divided into four modules consisting of half a year. Module 5 consists of a series of guest lectures that is spread out throughout the two years that it takes to round up the postmaster course. The guest lectures are planned on a regular basis. It is also possible to follow module 1, 2 or 3 instead of the whole course.

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Prices and dates

The postmaster for Intervention Studies costs:

  • € 5.975,00 (ex 21 % BTW)  if you are assuming the costs;
  • € 7.975,00 (ex 21 % BTW)  if your company is assuming the costs.

We realize that for beginning professionals this is a great investment. If you would like to take the course but are not able to afford it, please contact us. We will then evaluate whether a paying arrangement can be made.

It is also possible to follow modules 1, 2 and 3 in a separate way. In this case the price per each module is €1495,00 (ex 21% BTW) if you incur on the costs yourself or €1995,00 (ex 21% BTW) if your company is assuming the costs.

The first next course starts in de the fall of 2015

The initial dates are Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of October 2016. The lessons will take place every Thursday and Friday of each month.

Portfolio and exams

Each participant has to make a portfolio of their own during the entire course with different assignments.

The portfolio includes:

  • A presentation and a reflection
  • A professional progress report
  • An assignment in a real work setting
  • A take home exam

There are also two exams at the end of module 5 theory and practice.

At the end of the post-master course you will have a good basis skills as trainer, coach and organizational consultant. We expect that the post-master course intervention studies will be accredited by CPION.

Admission requirements: A completed education at a university or college level plus two years of experience as trainer and/or coach.

The professors of the course are: