Wick van der Vaart

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I founded the Institute for Intervention Studies in 2005. With the intention to support young professionals who work as trainers and consultants with a two year course in the practice of their profession.

In the years prior, I worked as a lecturer at the Free University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit, VU). There I taught the course “The Social Psychology of Interventions”. In addition I worked for several years as trainee supervisor at the Municipality of Amsterdam. In both situations I realized how much I enjoy working with young, talented and driven people and how important the profession of Intervention Studies is for these people.

In 2008 I studied at the NTL Institute for Behavioral Science in the United States of America. I took extensive courses in organization development and appreciative inquiry. The latter in particular had a great impact in my work as Interventionist and as a teacher. An appreciative and constructive focus helps me to help my clients to generate more pleasure positive energy and constructive collaborations.

I was lucky enough to receive lessons from two very driven and opinionated professors: Jannie de Weerd taught me at the Free University to be an interventionist and Jane Magruder Watkins taught me at NTL to add the appreciative focus. They taught me great love for this profession.

I love complex issues where there are no solutions for, issues that require constant and careful attention. I love the literature of this profession, particularly the one written at the beginning of Intervention Studies. I love students, colleagues and clients; in short, I love people who everyday want to make a difference.

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