The Institute for Intervention Studies is also a large network of coaches, trainers and consultants that work together in joint projects. Some examples of successful projects in 2013 are:

  • Support to client managers at DWI (Municipality of Amsterdam) at carrying out diagnostic conversation in an appreciative manner
  • Appreciative Inquiry for supervisors at OGA and at DWI Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Appreciative collaborations at MoneYou
  • Appreciative Evaluation for the project “expanding apprenticeship” at the improving performance desk at the Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Teaching mentors at the course “De Nieuwe Wibaut” for the Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Trainings in the field of intervision and Appreciative Inquiry for Young Colfield
  • A program for SoZaWe in Appreciative Management development at the Municipality of Zwolle
  • A Cultural Change program at Cirquest, on the base of Appreciative Inquiry
  • A Training in Appreciative Inquiry and organizational development at the Municipality of Maassluis
  • Ten day course in Appreciative Inquiry in collaboration with Robbert Masselink and the advisory group at the Municipality of Amsterdam (AGA).