Instituut Voor Interventiekunde

Leadership development in organizations – gastcollege van dr. Cristina Chisalita



Dr. Cristina Chisalita is work- and organizational psychologist, lecturer in Organization Science at Free University Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences. Cristina is also freelance consultant supporting organizations in discovering their identity and living by it; getting a deep insight in their culture and developing or transforming it if necessary; developing their leadership in accordance to leaders’ strengths and the culture of the organization.

In her guest lecture at the Instituut voor Interventiekunde on May 22, Cristina will focus on leadership development in organizations. She will present a number of important theories about leadership and link this with the experience of the participants. Further, she will present a model for leadership development with a strong academic background and efficiently used for developing leaders at both, top level and middle level.

Voor dit gastcollege kun je je inschrijven via het inschrijfformulier, of stuur een mail aan: Deelname kost 50 euro (ex BTW). Studenten betalen 25 euro (ex BTW).

Plek: Instituut voor Interventiekunde, WG-Plein 255 Amsterdam. Het college wordt afgesloten met een borrel (bij de prijs inbegrepen).

Tijd: van 19 uur tot 21 uur.

De voertaal van dit college is Engels.


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