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How do you manage? Sharing exceptional leadership experiences

You met unpreceded challenges

The Corona crisis has forced you, leaders from all over the world, to rethink and redesign your organizations – in a very short span of time. You have been confronted with a multitude of challenges, having to create alternative workflows, keep up team spirit while respecting social distance, motivate people in hard times and sometimes make very difficult decisions.

You found new ways

As an answer to all these challenges you came up with incredibly creative solutions, some of which will definitely outlive Corona… Wouldn’t it be great to share these learnings worldwide? And explore together how we can create a new leadership standard?

Our initiative: learn from each other, worldwide

This is exactly what we aim for: to organize an energetic and worldwide online exchange of your most valuable leadership experiences, in the past 4 months. We believe that by exchanging and exploring your best practices, we can learn from each other and create a new standard for leading organizations in an everchanging world. Like this idea? Then be part of this webinar!

The set-up of this interactive webinar

In 1 hour, through a secured video connection, we will cover the following program:

  • The Challenges – How did Corona affect your organization?
  • Your Response  –  What did you do as a leader that worked out particularly well?
  • Our Treasure – Exploring each story’s success ingredients, what can we learn?
  • My Takeaway – How can I apply the newfound answers in my daily work as a leader?

To create the best possible exchange, we will work with a group of max. 20 leaders.

 Your facilitators

We are Barbara van Kesteren and Niels Tekke, two Dutch experts in Organizational Development. We have been guiding on- and offline sessions with leaders from all over the world. We are fascinated by human resourcefulness and we love to facilitate meaningful and productive conversations. Conversations that bring people together around important topics, and that help them to explore their most valuable experiences as a powerful source for hope, inspiration and concrete solutions.

 Wanna join?

Because this is the first time we host this webinar, we are offering this for €50,-. 50% of this will go to Stichting Capricorn, which helps children living in South African townships to get a healthy breakfast before going to school.

Our first session will be at the 18th of November, from 16:00 – 17:00 CET. Joining us is easy; simply submit through this link.

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