Instituut Voor Interventiekunde

Relational knowing – Relational working

Mark Lough

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an approach that is increasingly used with groups and individuals as well as within organisational and community contexts. To a large degree, AI is seen as a methodology and yet it is profoundly relational in its nature when considered from the perspective of the principles that inform the approach. If this is the case, then what does that mean for us as practitioners? How do we develop our capacity to work relationally in service of greater flexibility, creativity and growth?

This workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities that lie in seeking to develop a more relationally-focussed approach in which our physical and emotional selves can be more fully recognised. In doing this, we develop a kind of ‘relational knowing’ in which creativity and intuition can become more confidently employed.

Mark Lough lives and works in Scotland as a psychotherapist and organisational development consultant and has been practicing independently since 1997. Mark has a deep commitment to personal and professional development and has had a long involvement in initiatives which encourage people to seek out the best in themselves. In the last 12 years Mark has developed a consultancy specialising in leadership and team development which has allowed him to work internationally with cross-cultural teams as well as in the UK. Mark has a particular interest in strengths-based and relational approaches in both his therapeutic and organisational work.


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