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The stories we tell ourselves – een gastcollege van Mark Lough

If we recognise that the work we do as coaches, consultants and leaders is a co-constructed effort then we need to recognise that we are both part of the limitations and difficulties that might occur as much as we are part of the possibility for change. One way of making sense of this is to look at our involvement through the lens of our relational nature and of the way that we create narratives for who we are, what we do, and the way that we do it.

This workshop will explore the nature and impact of these narratives on our work and will consider the challenges associated with developing and maintaining our effectiveness, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

This workshop is for practitioners who wish to explore the following questions:

  • What is my personal narrative as a practitioner?
  • How does my narrative meet yours?
  • How might we get stuck in our work together?
  • What needs to happen to free us up?

Mark Lough

Mark is a practicing psychotherapist and organisational development consultant working in Aberdeen, Scotland and he has a particular interest in leadership and team development. Mark has run an independent practice since 1997 and has worked with people from many different sectors ranging from health and social care and education to a range of companies within the oil and gas sector. Since those early beginnings, Mark has worked mainly within the UK but he has also enjoyed working internationally with cross-cultural leadership groups in the Middle-East and Russia.

Mark was first introduced to appreciative and strengths-based approaches in 2008 and, 4 years later, had the good fortune to meet Wick at an AI workshop in London. The conversations that ensued gave rise to a new and stimulating involvement with the Instituut voor Interventiekunde in Amsterdam and, in many ways, this workshop is a result of their collaboration. Mark continues to be stimulated by the challenges of synthesising his work as a therapist with his role as a consultant and his continuing interest is in developing relational perspectives as they relate to the different elements of his work.

Voor dit gastcollege kun je je inschrijven via het inschrijfformulier. Deelname kost 25 euro (ex BTW).

Plek: Instituut voor Interventiekunde, WG-Plein 255 Amsterdam. Het college wordt afgesloten met een borrel (bij de prijs inbegrepen).

Tijd: van 19:00 uur tot 21:30 uur.

De voertaal in dit gastcollege is Engels

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